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Day three - Crookedstar
So I had a very long debate with myself on which leader I wanted to pick, so at the end I decided on Crookedstar for this one, I was super close to picking Tallstar, or even Gray wing.

I decided to make this look slightly messier then the Mapleshade one, using an ploycolor pencil, that I own two black ones currently. I used a .5 pencil for the outline of the character and used deep heavy marks for the pattern, and softer lines for the 'base' color.

Well I hope you guys enjoy this!
Day two - Mapleshade
Fav warrior and dark forest cat
Day three will be posted soon!
Hey guys! Sorry not to update the day two, I'll update it today when I get home from school
Day one - Warrior cat challange
This is the first day of the warrior cat challenge. I hope you guys like it, it's RiverClan ;3;'
Heyo guys! Dawn here.
I shall be taking on the 30 day Warrior cat challenge, tomorrow. I just found this on Pinterest and it looked super cool, so here it is!

Day one - Favorite Clan
Day two - Favorite warrior
Day three - Favorite leader
Day four - Favorite apprentice
Day five - Favorite kit
Day six - Who's death you liked the most
Day seven - favorite couple
Day eight - Least favorite villain
Day nine - Favorite medicine cat
Day ten - Favorite food ( Mice, Fish, squirrel, shrew....)
Day eleven - Least favorite warrior
Day twelve - Least favorite apprentice
Day thirteen - Least favorite deputy or leader
Day fourteen - Least favorite kit
Day fifteen - Who's better: Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, or Jayfeather?
Day sixteen - Cat you'd want to be your mother
Day seventeen - Cat you'd want to be your brother or sister
Day eighteen - Your cats name
Day nineteen - your rank
Day twenty - Favorite talent
Day twenty one - Favorite cat description
Day twenty two - Favorite kit name
Day twenty three - Favorite tribe
Day twenty four - Favorite tribe cat
Day twenty five - Your own tribe name
Day twenty six - Least favorite cat predator
Day twenty seven - FirestarxSandstorm or FirestarxSpottedleaf
Day twenty eight - SquirrelflightxBrambleclaw or SquirrelflightxAshfur
Day twenty nine - GraystripexSilverstream or GraystripexMillie
Day thirty - Your favorite warrior cat series

Date started - Tuesday April 25th, 2017


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